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Epic Broom

Epic Cleaning Brush (5 in 1)

Epic Cleaning Brush (5 in 1)

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 So, so, so, SO EPIC! Clean MORE with the Epic Cleaning Brush. 

  • Separated Dual Head Design: 5-in-1 computer cleaning kit with Nylon Bristles, Flocking Sponge, High-density Brush, Metal Pen Tip and Keycap Puller, dual head hidden design to meet a variety of cleaning needs
  • Protect while you clean! Soft bristles allow for debris cleaning without dealing with keyboard damage. The brush features three-row design with high pore strength, good elasticity, stiffness and compactness, more labor-saving friction
  • Multifunctional Cleaning Kit: Flocking sponge can clean the dust in the wireless charging case of the earphone. High-density brush can clean the dirt on the sound outlet hole of the earphone. Metal pen tip can clean the stubborn dust
  • Easy to pull keys: With a simple key puller, the change of key cap is no longer laborious and the removal of key cap is cleaner and more thorough
  • Easy to deal with all kinds of cleaning needs: 4 kinds of cleaning head, multi-purpose, deep cleaning every corner of the keyboard earphones and LEGO, make dust nowhere to hide

5 in 1 Keyboard Soft Cleaning Brush Computer Headphone Earpods Cleaning Brush Keyboard Cleaner Puller Kit For PC Airpods Pro 1 2

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