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Epic Broom

Epic Glass Jar

Epic Glass Jar

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Sustainable storage is the epitome of a balanced energetic home!

The Epic Glass Jar is a stylish and eco-friendly way to store your favorite foods. Its striking glass design looks great on your countertop, and its cork lid keeps air out of your food so it stays fresh longer. Plus, this jar is made from recycled glass, so you can feel good while enjoying the benefits!

  • Elegantly Sealed. The ball cork cap ensures your food items are sealed with freshness.
  • Made for variety. Comes in different sizes for different food items.
  • Delightfully Durable. Made to last you for years of taking care of your home and yourself.
  • Aesthetic to the core. These refined glass jars will look neat in your pantry. - Perfect gift idea. Send it to someone you know needs the peace of getting rid of mind clutter in their pantry.

Comes in two styles, striped or smooth, for you to choose from!

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