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Epic Broom

Epic Pet Hair Remover

Epic Pet Hair Remover

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Achieve peace of mind and calmness even when you see your pet rubbing their entire body on the couch!

Effortlessly remove any pet hair from almost any furniture with this Epic Pet Hair Remover. Each one is built to make your home pet friendly without turning it into a hairball of a mess.

  • Clean in one sweep. With one sweep you will remove all the dead hair your pet left on the couch.
  • Ergonomic design. This pet hair roller comes in a non-slip handle for your comfort.
  • Zero energy needed. No batteries and zero electricity needed. This pet hair roller is completely manual but convenient.
  • Easy to clean. Simply pop the top open and you can now remove all the collected pet hair. 
  • Adorable design. Each one comes with cute little ears making it super ideal for pet lovers.

Order today and feel zero stress even when you fall asleep next to your furry cat on the couch!

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