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Epic Broom

Epic Spin Mop

Epic Spin Mop

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The 2022 Epic Cleaning Collection is here! Introducing the Epic Spin Mop


  • Effective cleaning with just water - The Epic Spin Mop contains a patented Water Filtration System that separates dirty from clean water. This assured that dirt and hairs don't get reintroduced to the floor while mopping. This technology results in a self-cleaning, dry, wet, all-in-one Epic Spin Mop! 😏
  • Save the earth! Use less water - With this system, you need less water to obtain impeccable floors, which results in household decrease of about 60% of mopping water. The savings will start to gradually add up! 🤑
  • Sayonara dirty hands! The 360 ° rotating mop helps you to rinse and wring the head without getting your hands dirty. Simple push up and down of the handle once unlocked 12 times is all it takes to wring out the mop. You can even customize the humidity of the mop head for different floor conditions.
  • Suitable on all hard floor types: Safe to use and effectively cleans most surfaces. 
  • Durable, long lasting material! Stainless steel and adjustable handle for comfortable cleaning experience.  
  • Can be used wet or dry, picks up dust and hair from your floor to keep it sparkly ✨

Package includes:

1x  Spin Mop with Bucket + 3 Mopheads

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